how tomake down my homemade wine sugar level ?

i want make sugar level down my homemade wine

  • Posted by: sumith
  • July 6, 2016
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1 Comment

jilhil July 7, 2016
You didn't tell us what type of wine you made, so the answer gets a bit complicated. Sweetness in homemade fruit or vegetable wines is pretty common. First thing to do is measure the amount of alcohol in your wine. If the percentage is somewhere in the 12% or higher range your wine made it through full fermentation and you're stuck with that sugar level. In that case you can use the wine for desserts, or try adding some dry, but similar tasting, commercial wine to your homemade stuff.

If your alcohol level is low then your fermentation probably got stuck. In that case you can try adding some additional wine yeast to get the fermentation going again.

There are lots of sites for home winemakers in the internet that can give you tips for your future endeavors. Have fun making more wine.

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