Measuring eggs whites

I have a bunch of eggs white left over and want to make macarons. How do you measure eggs white for a recipe of you've already cracked the eggs?

Madame Sel


boulangere January 18, 2014
Okay, an edit function, PLEASE! Make that 2 tablespoons per fluid ounce. PLEASE, an edit function after how long we've been asking?!
boulangere January 18, 2014
The weight and volume of one large egg white (large eggs are presumed to be the standard in baking recipes) is equal to one ounce/tablespoon.
FoodIsLove January 18, 2014
I would suggest weighing the white. The white of a large egg (US sizing) is about 30 grams or about one ounce so if your recipe calls for two egg whites, just weigh out 60 grams or about two ounces and you've got it. Most recipes that don't specify egg size usually use large eggs as the default.
bigpan January 18, 2014
Consider a egg white omellete for breakfast ! Or an egg white quiche. Healthy stuff.
LeBec F. January 18, 2014
p.s. egg whites freeze and defrost well.
LeBec F. January 18, 2014
all the Equivalents questions are so easily answered with Google.
sfmiller January 18, 2014
I think it's closer to 2 Tbs = 1 egg white (assuming USDA large eggs). A large egg white weighs very close to 1 oz; it usually takes 7 or 8 to make a cup, in my experience.
ZombieCupcake January 18, 2014
3 tablespoons = roughly 1 egg whites
ZombieCupcake January 18, 2014
3 table = roughly 1 egg whites
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