leftover egg whites

Making momofuku's crack pie and i have 8 egg whites leftover...suggestions?



rkleine07 February 26, 2012
French Macarons! leave them in the fridge for a couple days - older egg whites whip up stiffer and hold their shape better
drbabs February 26, 2012
Can I come over?
Sam1148 February 26, 2012
Make an egg-white omelet. With some herbs. And whatever stuffing you'd like; sauteed mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, ham..etc. You don't have to use them all tonight. But you can cook up the filling tonight. And have them for breakfast/brunch/lunch for the next day or so.

They're a great source of protein. And if you have the prepped filling cooked ready to use; very simple to use.
allans February 26, 2012
I always freeze my extra whites, adding to the container until I have enough for an Angel Food Cake. They defrost and cook beautifully.
lorigoldsby February 26, 2012
I was thinking meringue cookies--any favorite recipes? I have good quality cocoa and shaved coconut
Hagerty February 26, 2012
Meringue cookies
Hagerty February 26, 2012
Meringue cookies
lorigoldsby February 26, 2012
when you defrost them...do you simply put them in the fridge? i really was looking to use them up today...
boulangere February 26, 2012
Freeze them!
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