A friend makes pizelles but has expressed a desire for a tool that will make them uniform. She has the pizelle press but says she isn't able to get them all the same size. Never having had any contact with pizelle making, I need to know if pizelle batter would be too thick to work in one of those cupcake batter dispensers that are sold. I'd like to get her one for Christmas but if it won't work, then.....................no.

  • Posted by: Fern
  • December 13, 2010


Hilarybee December 14, 2010
like betteirene, I use a levered scoop. I use the tablespoon version. I got mine in a set of three from King Arthur Flour catalog. After the pizzelle harden, I usually cut around the design with a kitchen scissor to make the design & size uniform. Using a scoop will not make it perfectly uniform, though. I've made these cookies my whole life- and I find the batter is very temperamental and stiff. Any slight difference in the flour or moisture content, and the batter will act up on the iron when the cookies are pressed. I still get slightly different results depending on the flavor, too. Also, does your friend have a metal backed or teflon iron? I've found this makes a difference- the metal iron produces a more uniform cookie, and the batter does not squeeze out of the machine as readily. Metal has to be salted more often, but I find it more reliable.
Fern December 14, 2010
Thanks so much. I know exactly what you're talking about as my mother had one of those. Grand idea!!!!
casa-giardino December 13, 2010
I agree with betteirene.
betteirene December 13, 2010
An ice cream scoop, the old-fashioned kind with the lever on the side that is attached by gears to a metal blade that sweeps the bowl of the scooper. Go to Macy's, Target, Fred Meyer, Walmart, Meijer, K-Mart and look for OXO brand products. The scoops come in small, medium and large and are good for all kinds of portion-control applications--meatballs, melon balls, coring pear halves, dough for rolls, dough for cookies, batter for cupcakes and ice cream, too.

Those batter dispensers for pancakes and cupcakes are a waste of time, money and kitchen space.
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