Converting mini cupcakes to regular cupcakes

I see a lot of recipes for mini cupcakes. I don't have a mini cupcake pan, though, and don't feel like wasting the money or the storage space on one. Is there a standard conversion I can use in figuring out how much longer to bake these recipes at if I'm making regular cupcakes versus the mini ones?



Allison T. December 8, 2012
Usually when you're converting from regular to mini cupcakes, you reduce the cooking time by half. To convert from mini to regular, i would add half of the suggested time and check from there. For example, if it says to bake mini cupcakes for 10 minutes, add five minutes for a total of 15 minutes. Look for a moist crumb and you (and the cupcakes) should be golden!
Allison P. December 8, 2012
I'm no expert but I would just watch them closely and maybe lower the temperature?
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