Kidney pie recipe?

I just took this fantastic butchering class and came home with about 40 lbs worth of pork! I requested the kidneys for a culinary experiment, and have been thinking about making some version of a british steak and kidney pie... the thing is: I have 40 lbs of pork and don't really feel like buying or using any other meat! Does anyone have a thought about using a pork cut with the kidneys instead of steak?

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Pegeen January 21, 2014
I don't know of any reason you couldn't use pork, with the pork kidneys, vs beef. You might need a somewhat fatty part of the pork (so that it can stand up to some saute / searing first, without drying out).

Also wondering if you should check out making sausages, yourself or with a local source.
Casey January 21, 2014
I don't see why not.
Let us know how it turns out!

I often make steak & kidney pie btw, & although beef kidney is traditional, I generally use pork kidney.
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