What approach would you take to freezing this for future meals? Best to make and freeze individual pies to be baked later? Make, bake, and freeze...

...the whole pie for reheating later? Has anyone tried



LeBec F. January 22, 2014
my pleasure, sp.
LeBec F. January 21, 2014
s, this looks soo delicious. kukla is a v talented 52chef and you can bet it will be flavorful. The short amswer to your question is that i would make them into hand pies and freeze them unbaked; then bake them off as needed.

I actually have just finished a few weeks (waaay too long!) project of making handpies with 5 different fillings that i invented, and which made a huge supply of them in our freezer. I have a recipe on 52 for some hand pies where i give detailed directions for how to form, freeze and package them. You could follow my directions but use kukla's recipe:
I advise against baking, freezing, reheating because when frozen, fillings can become watery.
SPark0101 January 21, 2014
Thanks, Le Bec Fin!
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