Cheesecake without Sour Cream?

I promised my father-in-law a cheesecake, but we are out of sour cream and in a very rural part of Idaho, where the nearest supermarket is a thirty+ minute drive—through the snow!—away.

What would happen if I make my cheesecake without the sour cream?

This New York girl is really missing the Duane Reade's on every corner right now...

Kels Murdoch


Nancy September 1, 2016
If you are w/o sour cream again & like the change of pace that comes from a SAVORY cheesecake, try this one which uses Parmesan (in the pesto), cream cheese & mascarpone, but no sour cream:
Joanne M. September 1, 2016
I, was told, sour cream only makes a difference if you plan to freeze the cheesecake. Without the sour cream, I, find the cheesecake, more cheesier and thicker.
Pegeen January 22, 2014
He is a lucky man! Looks like a great recipe. Stay warm.
Pegeen January 22, 2014
p.s. How could he not love any homemade cheesecake in a snowstorm?
Kels M. January 22, 2014
Pegeen, I'm with you! He loves cheesecake anytime, so in a snowstorm, I expect it will be even more welcome!

And all is well, I actually dug through the fridge a second time and found *some* sour cream, just about a 1/4 cup instead of the 1/2. So we just made it, and added a caramel drizzle on top, just for good measure. Thanks for your help!
Pegeen January 22, 2014
Eh, it's only 1/2 cup sour cream, said the New Yorker :-). Do you have time to make some creme fraiche as a sub? If not, I'd just substitute maybe 1/4 cup cream cheese. You could whisk it with a few tablespoons heavy cream to loosen it up. Hope your father-in-law enjoys it!
KimmyV January 22, 2014
So I don't have an answer for u but I am also in rural idaho and a former New Yorker! Where r u friend? I live in spirit lake. Not as rural as you I know. I have a small grocery store a few minutes away. I love idaho but totally miss New York.
Kels M. January 22, 2014
Hey KimmyV! I actually still live in Manhattan, but am visiting my parents as well as my in-laws, who live in itty bitty Grace, Idaho. My husband grew up here, and my family moved here from Southern California when I was 9. My mother (a wonderful baker and cook) and I went through some extreme culture shock the first time we visited the local market. It felt a bit like a time warp. We love these mountains, but one of my favorite things about moving to NYC has been that I can now find ANY ingredient I might ever want and stumble on to so many things I didn't know I needed in my life.

But the country around Spirit Lake is beautiful! We're from the desert region of Idaho. Have you found any blackberries and huckleberries up there? We used to go berry picking each summer near Riggins, which is a bit south of you.
Kels M. January 22, 2014
I'm actually making another recipe from Smitten, for chocolate caramel cheesecake. It's brilliant.
ZombieCupcake January 22, 2014
Monita January 22, 2014
You will need to replace the sour cream with either more cream cheese or a full fat yogurt. If you have one of those then just replace with same amt
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