Does anyone else use this method to enter their recipes, or something even more time-saving? thx much

I am not a tech-savvy person but i think i found a much easier way to upload my recipes onto 52. Rather than take all that time to full in all the windows, all I do now is:
--enter my recipe into a Word document on my pc or laptop
-- Cut and paste the whole recipe into the top 'instructions window' of the empty recipe template.
-- Fill in the recipe name and background statement and the number of servings it yields.
--Add photo or not
--Enter recipe


LeBec Fin


LeBec F. January 24, 2014
really good thinking/troubleshooting, pegeen.i bet you could teach me a whole lot of pc stuff. sigh. so i'll enter a recipe now and you can check it?..... HA! so much for my memory. In reality, my 'previously successful' technique must have been that I only cut and pasted the directions, not the ingreds, because here's
what happened when i tried cut and pasting the whole shebang. Phooey. Sorry for wasting your time.
Pegeen January 23, 2014
For comparison, Is there a recipe you posted using this method? Wondering if you lose any of the formatting (columns) that the ingredient forms provide. Also don't know how granular the site's Search engine is - for example, if you don't use the ingredient fields, will your recipe be excluded in a search based on ingredient.
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