off taste in butter

How do you prevent your butter from picking up a "refrigerator taste?" It does not taste like anything specifically, but it's not pleasant. I always keep the sticks wrapped, in a ziploc bag, in the butter holder in the refrigerator. I do sometime keep it around for a little while. Should I be having this issue?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • January 25, 2014


LeBec F. January 27, 2014
atg, do you store your butter on the frig door? because that is the warmest frig space/ most subject to temp fluctuation.
Rocky R. January 27, 2014
I think Land O Lakes Flavor Protect Wrapper really does make a difference so that is my go to brand. But don't just toss the box in the freezer. Better to store in heavy weight zip-top freezer bag for best protection.
ATG117 January 25, 2014
Thanks. I don't find that my refrigerator has any type of off smells otherwise, (I happen to have baking soda in there anyway) and it's only with regards to the butter that I have issues.
Diana B. January 25, 2014
Is your butter salted? I ask because salted butter is a lot less perishable than sweet butter, so it may have been sitting around in a warehouse or grocery stockroom for a long time, picking up whatever odors are around. Sweet butter is far more perishable and less likely to have been hanging around. Pegeen's idea of freezing butter until you need it is a good one for preserving freshness, too.

As to baking soda, someone on another website explained why it works and also why its usefulness is short-lived:
"Baking soda has a pH of 9, somewhat on the base side. As a base, it can absorb Hydrogen ions from an acid, neutralizing the acid. These acids are present within the vapor inside a refrigerator. However, as the reaction occurs, the baking soda is itself converted into salts and this diminishes its odor fighting ability. Contact with water vapor also crystalizes the baking soda, restricting its ability to react with vapor."

So for corralling odors in the fridge, you're probably better off with activated charcoal, which you can get where aquarium supplies are sold, or a product called Fridge-It, sold online and in stores (
Pegeen January 25, 2014
You might want to double-check the internal temp of your fridge?
I find butter picks up odors if held for a while, say more than two to three weeks? Since it freezes so well, you might want to consider leaving out one stick at a time if your household does not use a lot of butter.
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