How long can I keep gingerbread cookie dough in the fridge?

I made gingerbread cookie dough last week but didn't have time to use it all. It's wrapped in parchment, in a ziploc bag. How long will it keep? There is no egg in the recipe. There is a tiny bit of milk and plenty of butter. The only leavener in it is baking soda.

  • Posted by: Randi
  • December 8, 2014


Jenny M. December 9, 2014
I would say 2 weeks then the spices starts to fade off. For foodsafty I would say AS long as you normaly would keep butter
Monita December 8, 2014
I would bake off cookies and freeze them. The dough would last in the freezer for 2 months but since its been in the fridge for a week, I wouldn't freeze now.
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