What kind of curry powder do you recommend for this recipe? Indian? Jamaican? Thanks!

Thai Coconut Curry Soup
Recipe question for: Thai Coconut Curry Soup


Laurie_GlutenFreeYummy January 29, 2014
Hi Tammy,
I use Madras curry powder, which is slightly hotter than other curries, and the reason for only a half a teaspoon. But if you like it hotter, by all means add more! As for the lemongrass question asked by LE BEC FIN, I chop the lemongrass in 1-2" segments and allow it to simmer in the soup. The lemongrass is removed before serving. I apologize if this was unclear in my recipe.
Happy Cooking!
LE B. January 28, 2014
p.s. i myself want to know how the chef treats her lemongrass for this. whole? chopped? pureed? sauteed? All the trad recipes start w/ sauteeing a puree of ginger, lemongrass, etc.and that does add a step, but that is what i would do, adding the liquids later.
LE B. January 28, 2014
yummm, is that a delicious looking recipe or what! For only 1/2 TSP (kinda wussy in my book) I don't think it matters alot which kind you use. I love curry flavors myself but only use Madras curry powder. BTW, many recipe chefs rarely see the 52 Hotline or check the comments on their recipe pages. So when i have a question that i really need ansswered, i click on the chef's recipe and then from there i click on their name; and then on their member page, i send them an email by clicking on the envelope symbol. those emails go to them directly.
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