What cookie scoops are best?

I have three Oxo's but need more sizes. The Norpro I purchased broke after one batch.

Harvest Queen


mbergner January 27, 2014
I think Piazza Scoops are the best. Practically indestructible. See http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/piazza-ice-cream-scoop/
and others
Harvest Q. January 28, 2014
Thanks, I'll check those out.
sweetlolo January 27, 2014
I have several of the Zeroll ones in different sizes and after years of use they still work great. Not cheap but sometimes you'll see sets of the most common sizes available and those can be a good deal.
Harvest Q. January 27, 2014
Thanks. I've seen these on some kitchen supply sites and will give them a further look. They look comfortable too.
ChefJune January 27, 2014
I use ice cream scoops that I purchase at a restaurant supply store. I don't know what brand they are, but they are quite sturdy.
Harvest Q. January 27, 2014
Thanks for the tip, but there is no restaurant supply store in my area. (small town)
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