Broken dish

Does anyone know of the best way to fix a broken dish? One of my favorite ceramic bowls broke on the rim, and I hate to throw it out if there's a way I can fix it. It's a very clean break.



cookbookchick March 24, 2014
Duco Cement! My dad used it to mend things when I was a kid and now, years later, I still use it. Amazing fix for broken china. After I repaired a plate from my daughter's set,it was impossible to detect without close inspection. And it lasts! You can find it on Amazon if your local stores don't carry it.
petitbleu March 24, 2014
Thanks so much for the response. I'm sure I can pick some of that up at my local hardware store.
Pegeen March 22, 2014
Try the Martha version (it works). But limit coffee to 1 cup before having to sit and hold the pieces together. ;-)
petitbleu March 22, 2014
Thanks! This is really helpful. I would look for a replacement, but it's a one-of-a-kind piece made by a potter I used to know. Thank you so much.
Pegeen March 21, 2014
The 2nd paragraph in this Martha Stewart article describes repairing dishes. Works very well, I've used these instructions.

For anyone else reading who has fine / valuable / treasured china, agree with JAC above, use a professional service. Also it often costs less to replace the piece from a finder service, like, rather than paying for restoration.
petitbleu March 21, 2014
Thanks! That's helpful, although it's not really an heirloom dish--just one that I love. I probably won't pay to have it shipped and repaired.
JAC March 21, 2014
If this is a dish that is very special to you, you may want to consider having it restored. I had a piece of my mother's china restored after a clean break right down the middle. I can't remember what I paid. I remember it wasn't cheap but it was worth it. The company I used is in Massachusetts. Check out
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