Direction say deep fry at 365 degrees for two minutes EACH (?) Do you mean to fry them individually or multiply the two minutes times the numb... of halves you put in the pot at the same time

Suzanne Preslet
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1 Comment

pierino January 31, 2014
Not my recipe, but deep frying goes like this; bring your oil to 365F or 375F (even better). Add the "to be fried stuff" piece by piece. Each addition will lower the heat slightly but it will come back to temp fairly quickly. Spending two minutes on each "popper" will take you all afternoon. Just don't dump everything in at once.

An alternative is to use a fryolater or else deep cast iron pot (my preference) with a fryer basket you can lower in an out. Don't overfill the pot with oil or it will go screaming out all over. Carefully lower the basket into the oil. Check the temperature of the oil. It might take more than two minutes but if you pay attention you will know when they are done. Taste one to be sure.
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