Leftover pasta

I have lots of leftover pasta (Parm, ricotta, lemon zest). Any was I can repurpose it if I freeze it now?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • February 1, 2014


LeBec F. February 3, 2014
s, i understnd what you're saying about ricotta and freezing but i have a feeling A did not go heavy on it, in which case, if she adds a bunch of new ingreds, the ricotta won't be so noticeable. you think?
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 2, 2014
what about spaghetti pie? bake and keep in refrigerator.
S February 2, 2014
Is your pasta already mixed with parm and ricotta? I don't think ricotta freezes well. It gets watery and grainy upon thawing. If so, don't freeze, use soon, or as le bec fin suggests, give to a friend, neighbor, or any soup kitchen that is able to
accept such a donation.
LeBec F. February 1, 2014
gee a, do go ahead and freeze it, and give yourself more time to think up how to use it. ( But it could also last in the frig a good 3 days before you'd need to freeze it) It seems perfect for re-use because the non-pasta components are very versatile. I don't know who your intended audience is but here are some thoughts:
Add any of these as cooked items: ham, bacon,chicken or italian sausage, sliced; mushrooms, toasted walnuts, salmon, smoked trout, asparagus, alot of S&P.....
-- Into a non-stick sprayed shallow cake pan, or souffle dish or other sided form, push down an even layer of the pasta mixture. If possible, compact the pasta disc by pressing down with a spring form pan bottom or something else .
-- Heat a non stick skillet w/ a little evoo, to almost smoking,
--Flip the noodle disc onto the sizzling pan, pressing down to brown it. Leave on the lid for the disc to cook. After it is hot throughout, flip the disc onto a plate and slide the disc back into the pan to sear the second side. After done, Serve the disc on a platter . Slice into wedges and serve as is or with sauce. (Barbara Tropp does this in her great Chinese books.)

-- Make Pasta Carbonara with your pasta mixture defrosted and at room temp.

--Make Avgolemeno Soup and add in your defrosted pasta, chopped

-- Defrost your pasta and nuke w/ a little water. Plate it as a base for a chicken or meat stew.

-- Defrost and chop your pasta. Beat eggs for a frittata and add the pasta.
-- Make a lasagna, using the defrosted pasta, pressed into "flat sheets", alternating with fillings.

-- Give it to a shelter.

Frozen cooked linguini defrosts very quickly, and faster if it is cut up (more surface exposed to air.)
Whatever the ultimate dish, make sure to taste and add S and P as needed. Pasta absorbs alot of salt!
ATG117 February 1, 2014
Thanks. It's linguine. Would I be able to do that with it from a frozen state? It's actually the first thing that came to mind. If you're wondering why freeze, it's because I won't have a use for it for a while. If freezing won't work, I'll have to discard.
pierino February 1, 2014
You didn't mention which pasta shape but you can refrigerate long thin pasta and add it to a fritta in the morning.
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