Leftover Whey

I made ricotta this weekend and have a few cups of leftover whey. Any suggestions for how to use?

  • Posted by: juliana
  • April 22, 2012


AntoniaJames April 27, 2012
Here's a FOOD52 blog post on just that subject: http://food52.com/blog/3050_whey_cool

Here are two recipes I've posted here that call for whey:

Polenta cooked with whey, http://food52.com/recipes/15115_herbed_and_roasted_ricotta_whey_polenta_with_fresh_ricotta_and_apples ,

and a ricotta whey and barley bread that makes a great loaf for sandwiches: http://food52.com/recipes/10040_ricotta_whey_and_barley_bread

Whey freezes well, so if you can't use it all within a week or so, just pop it into the freezer.

And here's another Hotline thread on the subject: http://food52.com/hotline/11967-uses-for-the-whey-leftover-from-making-ricotta

Ricotta and mozzarella whey are interchangeable, assuming that you have not salted the whey for use in stretching the cheese.

Have fun! ;o)

bobbie J. April 22, 2012
Check out weston a price foundation and/or "lacto fermentation" techniques: you can use whey when fermenting veg and soaking grains. BEST pancake recipe ever is in nourishing traditions cookbook with whey-soaked whole grain.
Also, it keeps for a while so dont panic about getting rid of it
petitbleu April 22, 2012
Great question! I just made some mozzarella today and have a lot of whey leftover. I plan to feed it to my chickens, because they go crazy for the stuff, but you can also make fermented pickles with it (see Sally Fallon of Nourishing Traditions fame), use it in bread making, use as pasta water, or you can make really wonderful and healthy drinks with it--add fruit juice and honey, maple syrup, or sugar and you're ready to go.
imadok April 22, 2012
Replace some of the water in your wheat bread with whey. It freezes well too.
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