Can these be made in a pan so that they are bars instead of cookies?

  • Posted by: Alexis
  • February 1, 2014


Alexis February 1, 2014
Thank you!! I'll try it and post how it turns out!
LE B. February 1, 2014
BTW, many recipe chefs rarely see the hotline or check the comments on their recipe pages. So when i have a question that i really need ansswered, i click on the chef's recipe and then from there i click on their name; and then on their member page, i send them an email by clicking on the envelope symbol. those emails go to them directly.
LE B. February 1, 2014
sure. test a small amount and prove it to yourself: spread a 1/3 inch layer of dough in a small pan (ramekin, small cake pan, loaf pan) that has been sprayed w/ non stick spray. bake per cookie timing/finger or toothpick testing; cool, cut, taste.
Be sure to let us know how it turns out- here, but also under Comments on the recipe's page! thx.)
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