Uses for the Chocolate Whipped Cream featured last week?

The chocolate whipped cream Alice mentioned last week looks delicious. I'm really keen to make it, but have no idea what to serve it with. Ideas?

  • Posted by: Cait
  • February 9, 2014


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RespectThePastry February 10, 2014
There are so many options for chocolate whipped cream! You could...make a trifle, an icebox cake, fill a pie crust, sandwich it between cookies, garnish another dessert, pretend it's mousse and top with a few berries and some chocolate curls, serve it on top of a fruit compote, fill cannolis/small pastry shells/cream puffs, ice/fill a cake, make dessert shooters, top coffee/hot chocolate so many you need me to keep going?
ATG117 February 9, 2014
Chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, or any other cake that would compliment one of the chocolates, berries (when in season).
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