I bought a "pre seasoned" cast iron pan. Instructions say to season it. Please advise on best oil - I've read conflicting advice - and instructions.

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petitbleu February 12, 2014
There are several really great conversations about this very topic already on the Hotline--just search for "seasoning cast iron." Here's a good discussion to get you starter: http://food52.com/hotline/17605-what-s-the-best-way-to-season-my-cast-iron-frying-pan

And you're totally right--almost every cook who uses cast iron has a favorite way to season it. I've heard everything from coat it with canola oil and put it in a hot oven for several hours to slather it with shortening and throw it into a pile of coals in the backyard. I've heard that using flaxseed oil is good because it polymerizes at lower temperatures, so you won't need to smoke out your house or apartment trying to season a pan. We have friends who advise putting a pan over medium-low heat and brushing it at regular intervals with vegetable oil until a sheen builds up on the pan (I wouldn't advise doing this unless you have a fume hood over your stove).

In short, you've opened a real Pandora's box. Have fun!
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