Not sure what happened..... There was no instruction for what to do with the sugar, so I put it in with other dry ingredients...... The result was...

... a small amount of sticky dough which produced a flat but spongy cake

  • Posted by: LaReine
  • February 14, 2014


LaReine February 14, 2014
Thank you, that does make sense. I do remember seeing sugar getting beaten with the eggs in other recipes. It would be helpful if this could be added to the instructions.

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sfmiller February 14, 2014
In a sponge cake, which this is, the sugar is typically beaten with the eggs. More generally, in baking sugar is treated as a "wet" ingredient and mixed with butter, eggs, or other liquids before adding the flour and other dry ingredients.

If you add the sugar with the dry ingredients, it doesn't have time to dissolve, and bad things happen.
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