Dehydrating. Borrowed a dehydrator from a friend. Totally addicted. I think I need one.

Fruits and beef and game oh my. Anybody have an amazing recipe I need to try? Also, I really am thinking about buying one. But I don't want to science a fortune and I want it to be easy to clean.

  • Posted by: kimhw
  • February 15, 2014


foodgrrrl February 16, 2014
lol ~ i thought so too! purchased at a sale in leavenworth kansas. now i'm back in southeast az - the yard sales aren't as good here. maybe she'll run across one in a thrift store. cheers!
Diana B. February 16, 2014
foodgrrrl, I think the rest of us need to know where your yard sales are! What a deal, eh? Kimhw might also see if there's a freecycle group ( where she lives - she might as well ask; you never know who's got one that's just gathering dust and needs a new home.
foodgrrrl February 16, 2014
got my excalibur for $10 at yard sale. chk craigslist. they are great dehydrators!
SKK February 16, 2014
My Excalibur is 5 trays and works great. Unless you have a large family, 5 trays is sufficient.
Diana B. February 16, 2014
Sadly, neither America's Test Kitchen nor Consumer Reports seems to have evaluated dehydrators. I've seen lots of very positive comments about the Excaliber on canning/home preserving websites. Excaliber has two 9-tray refurbs on the site right now, one with a timer and one without.
nancy E. February 16, 2014
Americas test kitchen does a great job testing kitchen appliances for which is best for the price. Check them out
Diana B. February 16, 2014
Excaliber's website sometimes has "refurbished" models for less
SKK February 16, 2014
The Excalibur is truly worth the money. I spent less because I did not get the timer and have not had a problem. Cheaper ones do not circulate the air, do not have temp controls and are very hard to clean.
babytiger February 16, 2014
You can get cheaper one, but I really like the Excalibur. It is very easy to clean and has very useable surface space. The variable temperature is great to accommodate a variety of food. I got the one with 26 hour timer, which is a useful function.
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