Suggestions for adapting this recipe to a pressure cooker? I'm a pc beginner

Short Rib Chili
Recipe question for: Short Rib Chili


Karenmwaters February 19, 2014
Again I thank you, CarlaCooks!!! I love this Provencal pork stew recipe! I will look into the Test Kitchen cookbook, I adore their publications.
CarlaCooks February 19, 2014
You're welcome :) I just bought a new e-book that you might be interested in, the pressure cooker cookbook from America's Test Kitchen ( It's an $11.49 well spend. I made their braised red cabbage last night and it was spot on. Their recipe for Provençal pork stew is also amazing (you can find it here,
Karenmwaters February 18, 2014
Thank you so much, CarlaCooks!
CarlaCooks February 18, 2014
You should check out this site, which is a great resource for information and recipes for the pressure cooker. Cookbooks from Lorna Sass are also a great resource. Mark Bittman recently posted some recipes for pressure cooking, and one of them was for short ribs, He cooks them at high pressure for 30 minutes.
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