Has anyone used black beans in this recipe instead of red? Did it work? I would like to make the chili for Halloween and need black beans to make...

...an impression :

Short Rib Chili
Recipe question for: Short Rib Chili


Susan W. October 22, 2015
I've made this chili as written twice and I thought both times that it would be delicious with black beans. It's really a nice chili. The second time I made it, I used some chipotles in Adobe because I forgot I had used my last chipotle chili. It was even better with the extra oomph. I cooked it in the slow cooker both times. I'm hungry for it now, so it's on the menu for this week.
Nancy October 22, 2015
I haven't made this exact recipe with black beans but I have substituted them in other chiles and they worked fine. Their taste is not identical, but enough like red beans to work well (both are meaty - if you'll pardon the expression - and strong, not bland or neutral like some other beans).
Just one suggestion: the black beans remind me of some Brazilian dishes, where oranges are used as garnish. They might work well here, for both color and taste.
Nancy October 22, 2015
p.s. if you're using the black beans bc of color and Halloween, the orange slice or orange section garnish would also be seasonal...
QueenSashy October 22, 2015
Nancy, you read my mind here -- I am thinking of garnishing the chili with roasted pumpkin cubes and avocados :)
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