Necessary to thaw the pies before baking or just put the frozen pies directly into the 400 degree oven? And how does the cooking time vary when co...

...oking frozen versus cooking fresh

Recipe question for: CURRIED LENTIL HAND PIES


LE B. February 17, 2014
i forgot to say that a non-convection oven often takes longer than a convection oven.
LE B. February 17, 2014
hi, sp, that is my recipe actually so i can answer this!Always bake frozen raw pies from a frozen state; never thaw a formed pie dough before baking.In my convection oven,it takes 20 min at 400 degrees for the hand pies to brown enough; and it's important that the bottom of the hand pies not be raw, so lift them and make sure the bottom is opaque and not part raw. (if raw, bake longer.) Baking them fresh is 15-20 min iirc.

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