Fish pie: substituting fresh prawns with frozen

Hi! I have a fish pie recipe that asks for fresh coldwater prawns but I only have frozen. Will this be OK? If yes, any advice on how to do this, for example do I just defrost the prawns, cook them on the hob then put them in with the rest of the fish just as the dish is going in the oven to be baked? Many thanks for any help!

  • Posted by: AnnaS
  • April 9, 2020
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1 Comment

Coral L. April 10, 2020
Hi AnnaS! You definitely can use frozen. How are the fresh prawns introduced in the recipe? Are they cooked fully and then added to the pie? Or added raw/partially cooked before being baked?

If to be added raw: you can either thaw them in the fridge overnight (then proceed as you would with raw, fresh prawns)

If to be added cooked: steam/boil the the prawns right from frozen, until they're either fully or partially cooked (depending on what next steps are in the recipe!)
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