I am cooking for over 20 people. Could I cook 2 roasts at the same time in one oven? Do I need to adjust the oven temperature or time?

Amy T
  • Posted by: Amy T
  • February 19, 2014


Marin T. February 21, 2014
*With your roasting!
Marin T. February 21, 2014
No i didn't mean that. But you do seem more experienced in the meat departmet so Amy T you should probably take Le Bic Vin's advice. Good luck wit your roasting?
LeBec F. February 20, 2014
marin, i don't understand what you mean by together. Do you mean tied together? Butted up against each other? I don't think she meant that. I have roasted hundreds of tenderloins over a 30 year career, and that was usually 4 or 5 beef tenderloins, separately, on one sheet pan;and they do not take longer to cook than when i cook one of them on a sheet pan. odd thought imo.
Marin T. February 20, 2014
I am not a meat expert by any means, but it seems like roasts cook unevenly when they are together. It is not drastic but maybe even on separate trays would help them cook more thoroughly.
LeBec F. February 20, 2014
i don't know why marin says that. My experience of roasting multiple roasts at the same time, is that they do not require longer cooking time. Seems to me, if that were true, it would take longer to cook a tray of cookies than a single cookie. Not.
Marin T. February 19, 2014
The roasts will take longer to cook if they are together, you could start them earlier and keep the same temperature.
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