Shakshuka brunch menu?

Brunch with our dearests this weekend and I want to make Shakshuka for the first time. What shall I serve with it? All suggestions appreciated! I hear that crusty bread is essential ;)

  • Posted by: JadeTree
  • February 20, 2014


JadeTree February 20, 2014
Le Bec Fin & lisabu - thank you - fruit to be sure and this is the time for the citrus salad. Agree about the crisp as opposed to the crusty. Thank you both.
JadeTree February 20, 2014
Great suggestions! I was definitely planning on crusty bread, labne and fattoush - love the idea of the semolina pancakes and rosewater donuts! I used to make some luscious mahalabiya - that might be fun for a brunch! I'm not up to the biggest of projects right now, but these are great ideas for the future. Mint tea! That I can do! Many thanks for the wonderful suggestions :)

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lisabu February 20, 2014
I would add a cold orange-mint-date salad for freshness. Joan Nathan's French cookbook hasa good one.
LeBec F. February 20, 2014
shakshuka has different ways it can be made. i would suggest you think about textures, so that the side dishes you choose have varied textures. Funny enough, the turkish restnt here in boston that serves shakshuka- serves turkish bread which is kind of like a soft thick slightly sweet pita. I don't like it myself; i much prefer a French style baguette. Yoghurt and fruit for sure. For another idea that is not turkish at all- soft grits would be delicious w/ shakshuka imo!
fiveandspice February 20, 2014
Crusty bread IS essential! You could go quite Middle Eastern and make an eggplant spread and a chopped herb salad to go alongside, or serve thick yogurt (or labneh) and honey to have on some of that bread as well. And you could have Moroccan mint tea and Turkish coffee! Thinking of the breakfast/brunch items they have at Sofra Bakery in Boston, they have shakshuka, they also have semolina pancakes that they serve with toppings like thick yogurt and stewed fruits, and they make amazing spiced donuts with rosewater and pistachios...if you really want a project!!
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