Miso-broiled eggplant--fry first necessary?

That's the gist of the question--I have a recipe for miso-broiled eggplant that says to cut the eggplant into 1/2 inch slices, then shallow-fry, then broil. The recipe doesn't specify Japanese or Italian style eggplant, but my experience is that Japanese eggplant cooks/softens much faster. That's what I have on hand, should I think about frying for a shorter time, in less oil, or not at all? I'd love to save calories!


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passifloraedulis April 4, 2012

Miso eggplant -- my favorite!

I don't think frying is necessary, though you're right that it might take a shorter time. I'm pasting the miso eggplant recipe that I've used below. Basically if you use Italian eggplant, cut into quarters (halves for Japanese eggplant). Roast in the oven until softened, and then broil with the miso glaze. Theoretically, I think I prefer the roasting then broiling rather than frying then broiling as it frees me up to do other prep work.


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ChefJune April 4, 2012

...and roasting is much less messy.

Raquelita April 4, 2012

I did the roasting and made up my own spread based on the original recipe I had--worked GREAT with the japanese eggplant. Thanks!

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