Re: Bouquet Garni: they sell "poultry blends" at my whole foods which are the essential herbs for a garni all in one small pack.



thirschfeld December 15, 2010
bouguet garni is traditionally thyme, parsley, black peppercorns, bay leaves and a clove of garlic. Sometimes people tie it up in cheese cloth and others tie it between a leek that they have cut in half. The poultry blends are nice because you can get several different herbs in a bunch but generally speaking they are not a traditional bouguet garni.
deathrattle December 15, 2010
You know, I HAVE seen that somewhere, here in Minneapolis. Possibly at our Whole Foods. Thank you so much for the idea!
iuzzini December 15, 2010
Many chain grocery stores sell "poultry blends" in the fresh spice section (by the dill, basil, marjoram etc.) (I am in Indiana and I believe our Kroger sells them).
ellenl December 15, 2010
Oops--where is that Whole Foods?
ellenl December 15, 2010
Well, where are you and what is the market.
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