I would like to make the entire recipe for chickpea-fry batter and given comments, cook only a small batch, chilling remainder. I am wondering if...

...anyone else has tried reserving batter over a period of several days. I wonder if it hardens too much, or simply will not make good fries for other reasons. Thanks for all the other comments. I am planning on shallow-frying portions to serve with Louisa Shafia's smoky beet burgers. PS Two previous attempts to post question failed since I assumed I was supposed to write a specific question in this space, provide tags and then after clicking on the tan box labeled "ASK QUESTION", I would then see a new, larger box in which I could elaborate on the nature of my inquiry

  • Posted by: Eliz.
  • March 5, 2014


Eliz. March 6, 2014
Thanks for seconding my own suspicions, Tom. It makes sense simply to scale down the recipe.
thirschfeld March 5, 2014
I am going to guess that the batter will thicken over time as the bean flour continues to absorb. However you should be able to add water if needed to loosen it up. I might let it come to room temperature before I added a lot of liquid though. It should hold fine for two or three days though just make sure you keep it covered.
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