Are the almonds they sell at Costco raw? It's not listed as raw or roasted and I was at Safeway and they had a "raw" almond that looked just like...

...the ones they have at Costco which look roasted to me as they were both deep brown in color. How can I tell if the almond is raw? At Whole Foods they sell a raw almond that is not that deep brown color but more light brown that does look raw but it's more pricey. Any thoughts? Thanks

  • Posted by: Ukes
  • March 6, 2014
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Ukes March 6, 2014
Thanks Nancy!!!
Nancy March 6, 2014
Costco almonds are raw, I buy them all the time along with their walnuts and pecans. Also, I saw a little video last night and the chef made almond milk from almond butter and water! When she put a nice tablespoon of the butter in a blender with the water it whipped up white as snow, just like regular homemade or store bought! Good idea in a pinch!
HalfPint March 6, 2014
I think had a discuss on this Hotline about raw almonds. What I found in my research of the topic is that, in the US, raw almonds aren't actually raw. The USDA (? or the California Almond Board?) requires that raw almonds be pasteurized to ~158F, but they can still be labeled as 'raw'. ((Yeah, I'm shaking my head too))

To your question, the Costco almonds are 'raw'. They have that flavor and texture.
Ukes March 6, 2014
Thanks HalfPint!
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