Just made a corned beef brine in an Emeril Lagasse non-stick 6 qt saucepan! Is that pan reactive?

I made a brine in this saucepan earlier today, letting it cool within the pan for about 8 hours at room temperature. Is a non-stick pan considered "reactive"? Should I throw out the brine?

Hannah Robie


Hannah R. March 10, 2014
Thank you!
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 10, 2014
As long as there's no scratches in your non stick saucepan, its non reactive - so I've always thought!
bigpan March 10, 2014
Glass (pyrex) is the best for not transmitting any foreign flavors.
Chef L. March 10, 2014
You are fine. Cast iron or "bare" aluminum you would not be.
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