Can Corned beef be dble brined

I asked for raw beef brisket, they sent raw corned beef. Can I still brine it with my own seasonings if it's already cured. Wasnt sure if dble brining would harm it any.



HalfPint March 14, 2022
I would desalinate the corned beef as much as possible. Is it possible to turn your brine seasoning into a dry rub without any salt? That's another way to get the seasonings you want for your brisket.
Nancy March 14, 2022
Agree with drbabs and AJ...too bad you can't do your own seasoning choices on the meat.

Yes, maybe use those seasonings on another dish in the meal. Or another day.
And/or chalk it up to one of the grocery-delivery-errors most of us have experienced in the pandemic with more delivery food shopping. Though I have to say yours is probably more costly than most of the errors.

At the very least, let your butcher/grocery know of the error and ask them to be more careful next time. Some will give a refund or a courtesy gift to make up for the error.
AntoniaJames March 14, 2022
I wouldn't do it! Pre-brined corn beef is already so salty as it is. How will you be cooking the corned beef? I'd try using the seasonings (other than salt) as part of the cooking process. That will help. If cooking with cabbage, etc., those seasoning flavors will make the other foods and the sauce from any cooking liquids tastier. ;o)
drbabs March 13, 2022
Hmmm. It might be really salty if you brine it again.
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