Can the mixture be made ahead of time?

  • Posted by: Lindsay
  • March 11, 2014
Beet and Feta Burgers
Recipe question for: Beet and Feta Burgers


LeBec F. March 13, 2014
I have a very different answer than dessito for this. IF the grated veggies do release alot of liquid, you should be fine adding everything together except the oats, and adding the oats 1/2 hour before cooking. And i really don't see why the mixture couldn't sit in the frig 1 or 2 days in advance. Yes, it has raw egg in it, but if refrigerated, i wouldn't worry about it.

But personally, i don't see these root veggies emitting alot of liquid.Think about it- celery is probably 70% water but it doesn't emit alot of water when it sits. Salt causes water to be emitted in things, but you could leave salt out until the end as well.

But, when in doubt, mix all together except the oats and salt, and add the oats and salt at the end . I owned a catering bus. for 30 years and was always scheduling food production such that whatever could be prepped in advance, was, working up to the time of the event and all the food that had to be cooked on site.
LeBec F. March 13, 2014
BTW, many recipe chefs rarely see the hotline or check the comments on their recipe pages. So when i have a question that i really need ansswered, i click on the chef's recipe and then from there i click on their name; and then on their member page, i send them an email by clicking on the envelope symbol. those emails go to them directly.
Dessito March 11, 2014
While I haven't made this recipe, from general experience with grated veggies/roots, storing the mixture for several hours is probably not a good idea. The period to have the oats soak up the liquid is probably somewhat flexible (the recipe says 30 mins, but the mixture could maybe - maybe - sit for up to 45-60), but I won't go to several hours. I just expect it will release too much liquid and the oats will expand to a mushy state which will overwhelm the rest of the tastes and might cause the patties to fall apart or not fry properly.
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