I made a little too much fried rice. (a lot too much) and its so good I don't wanna throw it away. I'd like to freeze it. Will it still be go

Bill F
  • Posted by: Bill F
  • March 12, 2014


ChezHenry March 13, 2014
Freezing breaks down the cell structure in rice. The consistency and mouth feel after defrosting just wont be right. I'd eat it now-I never ever freeze rice, sorry, it's just too bad to serve to anyone imho.
Helena March 12, 2014
Fried rice freezes well. You can use the method listed by patty or freeze it straight away in your container or zip-lock bag after squeezing out as much air as possible. To revive it properly once it's thawed, fry it up again with a bit of oil. Works like a charm.
irina March 12, 2014
I would put it in an airtight container and double seal with saran. Defrost at room temp and drizzle olive oil before reheating. I have done that with rice before and I have had rice get freezer burns. This way works best for me.
patty M. March 12, 2014
i've frozen rice before as follows (it's not as good as fresh, but it will do in a pinch):
1. spread cooled rice on a dry flat-bottomed dish / or sheet pan that will fit into the freezer
2. break up any clumps and scatter the rice around the pan
3. flash-freeze uncovered for about 15 min. - this will keep it from sticking together when you go to step number four
4. quickly dump the flash-frozen rice into a freezer bag & press all of the air out before sealing it.
5. freeze the rice for later use
6. to thaw: remove the rice from the freezer bag and spread onto paper towel to thaw for about 15 min. before using in a recipe or reheating
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