Can I use arborio rice for fried rice?

I want to make the Ginger Fried Rice in Food52's Genius Recipe Book as I have a piece of ginger about to go to crisper drawer heaven. I only have arborio rice, would that work?

Leah H
  • Posted by: Leah H
  • April 14, 2020
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1 Comment

HalfPint April 14, 2020
The short answer is probably. If you cook the rice with 1/3 less water (you want the Arborio to be al dente) and then spread it out on a tray to cool. If you can, refrigerate the rice overnight to get it to firm up and dry out (so don't cover it). Let us know how it works. The worse thing that could happen is the rice is mushy but the flavor from the fried garlic and ginger will still be delicious.
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