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What quick appetizers can I make w/ leftover shiitake and button mushrooms I used for making a broth base?

As the shiitake is a pretty strong flavor that takes over other flavors pretty insidiously I haven't wanted to use it as a substitute for recipes that call only for button mushrooms.

asked by veronica almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

Buttery garlicy sauteed mushroom & parsley toasts! spread on some fresh ricotta first and it will help diffuse the flavor if you want to appeal to a broader audience.

559b7954 d7be 4065 8a51 4b2c9c58102d  lardofavon
added almost 3 years ago

Eliz makes a good point that much of their flavor was likely given to the broth, and by now they likely have lost much of that plus their consistency. Still, waste not want not. Perhaps puree/process them to a paste/etc, then either use that as a thickener in leu of other blander items, or add some tasty things to the puree & have a simple spread/etc?