Have printed off several recipes but I need to know the calories, etc. For example Baked Oat-by Heidi Swanson Also Mango Yogurt & Granola

Need to other things such as how many protein, sugars, etc.



creamtea March 27, 2014
Oh, I understand. It's a good question, just not sure how it would be implemented...
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 27, 2014
The online calculators are very easy to use, FWIW. For example:

MarshaPresley March 27, 2014
I did notice that a lot of the recipes used whole ingredients & Not processed ones. Again just trying to eat healthier. That's why I asked for the info. I assumed if the cooks had the info I want they would have included it already. Just thought I'd ask what I wanted to know.
MarshaPresley March 27, 2014
Guess I had hoped that whoever provided the recipe could give me the info. I wanted about calorie & etc. I thoughts the recipes were made professionals & they would have info. I wanted. I use to just make & bake things without worrying
Now I want to know salt content, protein, sugar, carbs. etc. Trying to eat healthier!
creamtea March 27, 2014
Marsha, the recipes are original or family recipes offered up by individuals, home cooks like you and me; they are not necessarily the offerings of professionals or of the founders of the site. I'm not sure who it is you are requesting to provide this information.
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I was going to reply saying that the recipes have nutrition info but I am mostly on the WFM Cooking site that is powered by Food52, and those recipes all have Nutrition Info after the recipe. Perhaps it's a widget available only on the WFM Cooking site. For example, see this recipe: http://wholefoodsmarketcooking.com/recipes/10036_espresso_pots_de_creme
alygator March 27, 2014
Calorie counting is not the aim of this website. It is a food community for people who love cooking, eating and sharing ideas! That said - I find many of the recipes overall healthy as there is a focus on a variety of whole, unprocessed foods. Hope you stick with us!
MarshaPresley March 27, 2014
I agree it's a good answer but this seems like the website should provide this info. on the their recipes. Or at least provide nutritional calculator. I probably won't make these & many more recipes I've selected If I have to go to ALL this TROUBLE !!
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 27, 2014
You need to find an online nutritional calculator to find the information you're looking for, since its not offered on the recipes on this site. Many free,online.
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