I made some homemade chicken liver pate and want to get my husband to eat it. Can I sneak some inside a burger?

  • Posted by: brenda
  • March 29, 2014


amysarah March 30, 2014
If your goal is getting him to try it - because you think he'd enjoy it - I agree about beef Wellington. Or even as a burger topping (Daniel Boulud makes a famous burger with fois gras, so why not?) Or, use it on a Banh Mi Sandwich - who doesn't like that? I wouldn't "hide it" per se - just present it in a new way. (When I married my husband, he 'hated' eggplant. As a child he'd experienced it as a tasteless greasy, slimy blob, and subsequently avoided it. I was pretty sure he'd like it if well prepared - and now he loves some eggplant dishes I make, like caponata or moussaka. So I understand the desire to re-introduce something in a more palatable way.
pierino March 30, 2014
Here's my own solution, it's a riff on the classic Tournedos Rossini. http://food52.com/recipes/search?q=rossini+todd You can find summer truffles (tartuffi estivi) in jars in Italian delis.
Declan March 30, 2014
Make a beef Wellington.
Beautiful yet simple.
walkie74 March 29, 2014
I understand where you're coming from--sometimes, people hate something on sight, as opposed to actually trying it. Use it as a spread on the burger, add the rest of the usual toppings, and then give it to him. If he asks, tell him. Or tell him much, much later.

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bigpan March 29, 2014
I assume your husband does not like liver or liver pate ... so why try to give it him, disguised or not.
Why not make him the burger he likes and you eat the pate.
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