hi there, i have a question, i feel like the recipe is too light/watery when i mix all the ingredients. did i make it wrong? or it will turn out t...

...hicker after you rest it for aobut 30 mins. need help on this, im on the look out of great waffle recipe. Thank



The L. March 31, 2014
You could definitely chill the batter & use it at a later time, but my only concern would be that chemical based leavening (IE baking powder & soda) is best when it's freshest. Unlike yeast, which is alive & feeding off various sugars and therefore adds more leavening over time, the CO2 being created by the interaction of these leavening agents is best when it's freshest. That said, homemade waffles, even if not at their best, are still yummy :)
Dona March 31, 2014
I have made the batter the night before and fridged it. Cooked in the morning it was great.
seedhyka March 30, 2014
put the batter on the fridge, i forgot to put a word there
The L. March 30, 2014
I'm not sure what you mean by "put the batter".
seedhyka March 30, 2014
thanks alot for the answer "The Lard of Avon", it did thicken-up after 30 mins. The Pancake recipe that i often use, can be pour straight away after been mixed.

anyhow, do you think i could put the batter (especially this one, since it has cornstarch in it)

The L. March 30, 2014
It has been my experience with batter based quick breads (waffles, pancakes, etc) that yes, they very often tighten up/thicken after 30 minutes or so.
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