Bread mix

I have store-bought bread mix. Multi-grain, with seeds and gluten, and yeast. I've made bread with it (it was ok). What else can I make with it? Waffles?

  • Posted by: krikri
  • November 19, 2017


Joanna S. November 19, 2017
Because it's a pre-made mix, I can't be certain about other things you could make with it that isn't bread. But if you're up for experimenting, give waffles a try! Again, I can't give exact measurements, but here's a yeasted waffle recipe to give you a sense of the dry ingredient to liquid ingredient ratio:
krikri November 19, 2017
Thanks! I will try it. I made these before and they were delicious so I'll compare the two recipes and give them a try.
I'm still open to more ideas!
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