What herbs would you recommend for this recipe?



sexyLAMBCHOPx April 3, 2014
I agree with the delicacy of the fish and as the recipe author states, parsley is a great idea to finish the dish.

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amysarah April 2, 2014
I always like thyme with sherry, and it also works with white fleshed fish (e.g., in a fish chowder.) So maybe throw a few small sprigs in the pan - it will flavor the butter that's spooned over the finished fish.
ChefJune April 2, 2014
My favorite herbs with white-fleshed fish are summer savory, chervil, flat leaf parsley. The fish is delicately flavored, so many of the herbs we so often reach for would overpower that delicate flavor. I choose different herbs with oily fish.
pierino April 2, 2014
Tarragon or perhaps sorrel.
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