Now impossible to save recipes to correct collections due to scrolling issues.

On my iPhone I have been assigning recipes to my custom collections. But the programmers had to "fix" a problem that didn't exist. Now it is impossible to scroll through your custom collections to assign them without inadvertently assigning them to the wrong collections. Why can't programmers ever leave well enough alone and fix the bugs instead of creating them? Very frustrating.

  • Posted by: chip
  • April 3, 2014


Karl R. April 4, 2014
I just double checked - and you're right - there was no scrolling within the expanded widget before. After playing with it both ways, we'll restore the old behavior - should be in our next release (within a day). Thanks again for reporting the usability issue - means a lot to us to have people enjoying and caring about what we build!
chip April 4, 2014
Hi Karl,
Thank you in advance,
Karl R. April 4, 2014
Thanks Chip. I'm pretty sure the scroll bar behavior is the same as before - however, we did make the maximum height of the expanded widget shorter, so that might be what's making it harder to scroll within as there's a smaller area to touch and drag. It also means there's a higher chance you'd need to scroll (only the first 6 are visible now, whereas before it was the first 9). We're going to play with making the maximum height taller again - will let you know so we can make sure we land in a place where you find it as easy to use as before! I see your email in our feedback inbox now too - I'll follow up with you there.
Karl R. April 3, 2014
Hey Chip - thanks for taking the time to report - could you elaborate on what you're experiencing? For instance, is it that you'd be scrolling through and as you touch the screen to scroll down you incidentally touch the favorite and save buttons?
chip April 3, 2014
No problem on a laptop or desktop. The problem is that on my iphone 4s the actual vertical scroll bar is missing, so you have to attempt to scroll on the actual collection choices and try not to highlight them (almost impossible). I have created about 30 recipe collections. I have been going through the contest winning recipes (about 440) and adding them to my custom collections. Got about half way through the list, it worked perfectly until last night when they "improved" the site. The fact that you now can only assign a recipe to one collection at a time, instead of being able to assign them to multiple collections at once, is an inconvenience, but trying to scroll past the first 6 or 7 collections that show up and get to say "vegetables" for instance, is almost impossible without the scroll bar appearing. You have to attempt to scroll without highlighting a category on the way to "vegetables". Of course, the instant you highlight any category, the list disappears. The best way is to try this on a smart phone. You need at least a dozen custom categories. Try to save a recipe to the last category. You will soon see what I mean.
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