Where do I find my questions?

Where do I find my questions without scrolling through the list of questions? Is the only way to check my email and follow that link? Or is there a button on the community home page I’m missing ?

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • April 4, 2020


Brinda A. April 5, 2020
Hi Tasha, unfortunately I’m not sure there is a record like that on the site, but if you copy and paste the following into your Google search bar, you’d approximate that kind of list:

site:food52.com hotline tasha

Just plop that entire string of words into the search bar and hit enter. Hope that helps!
Tasha April 5, 2020
Oh thanks! Yea there used to be an individual Food52 page or site for the community. Which was so easy to use then it was removed.
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