What to serve as a starter with Momofuku Bo Ssam?

A starter, appetizer, or dessert. I am not set on one over the other. I would like to do both depending on what I come up with. The plan is to make the Bo Ssam and serve with some stir fried veggies on the side. Maybe even forget the veggies and make a salad. But in that case, what should the salad be?
Anyone have any ideas?



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M.McAwesome May 12, 2014
Just in case someone is searching and wants to know what I ended up doing. I made the bo ssam a few weeks ago. And this is what we had:
Bo ssam with sauces in lettuce wraps
quick carrot and radish pickles
white rice
lime and brown sugar candied sweet potatoes
rainbow chard sauteed with garlic and red pepper flakes

This was a hit! Everyone enjoyed it. And it was quite easy as a dinner party menu as the only thing that I did right before we sat down was the chard.
lisabu April 4, 2014
You could also make the Korean spicy meatballs from this site. They also use the gochujang that you purchased for the Bo ssam.
M.McAwesome April 4, 2014
Ooh Oysters! Unfortunately my guests are not big on seafood. So I will save that for enjoying with the leftovers. :D

Pierno, spring rolls sound like a great idea. Do you have a preferred recipe or resource for those?
pierino April 4, 2014
Marie,the only essential is that you find rice paper wrappers and think of flavors that will compliment your bo ssam. You can include shrimp or tofu, carrot slivers, mint, cilantro and blah blah. Peanut sauce on the side is good. Present them halved in lettuce cups. David Chang and Roy Choi have been great inspirations to me. Choi is just a savant who breaks all the rules, like a SPAM bahn mi. What's with these Korean American guys? They are brilliant. They get your head spinning.
pierino April 4, 2014
My first thought would be spring rolls. You can make them ahead and keep them chilled.
ChezHenry April 4, 2014
At the Ssam Bar, they serve raw oysters on the half shell as part of the complete Bo Ssam meal. I highly recommend.
lisabu April 4, 2014
I made the Bo ssam recently and made the cereal panna cotta with cereal crunch in momofuku for dessert. . I made the clams and fingerling potatoes in bacon dashi from the book for a starter. Perfect meal.
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