How far ahead of dinner can a Pavlova be made? I hate last minute cooking for a big dinner.



ButterSugarFlowers April 5, 2014
And if you live in a humid area like I do, toss a desiccant packet in the plastic container where you are storing the meringue. You can likely find one to borrow in a bottle of vitamins.
Monita April 5, 2014
Better to put in in a plastic container than wrapped in plastic
akrainey April 5, 2014
Would the meringue get soggy if I wrap it in plastic wrap?
Monita April 4, 2014
Agree with barcelona and would add that you make sure to keep the meringue in a cool place overnight
barcelona April 4, 2014
You can make the meringue base the day before and just assemble it wit cream, fruit, etc just before serving
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