White Beech Mushrooms?

I received some groups of white beech mushrooms (they grow in a group and have small caps)in my farmer's box. I have never heard of this type of mushroom. Does anyone know anything about them (taste, strength of taste) or have a good recipe for them?

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1 Comment

Eliz. April 4, 2014
Have you tried a simple search on search engine of preference? They are traditionally served floating in a light broth in Asian soups. Flavor charitably characterized as "delicate" as one might guess from the appearance of these cultivated funghi. Using fat of choice, stir-fry or sauté a murder [group, as in crows] of them by hacking off the spongey bit that keeps the cluster intact. Add garlic and season. Perk them up with squirt of lemon and fold into cooked rice, watercress salad or mix w lightly cooked spinach.
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