What is the best way to store mushrooms for more than a few (3-4) days?

I prepared a totally raw vegan menu for a retreat group over the weekend, in the middle of the Catskill Mountains, and had to bring all the produce with me from NYC. Everything turned out great (please check out the pics here: http://www.facebook.com... ) but if I do a longer retreat in the future, I am nervous the mushrooms won't last. I had portabellas, white buttons, and king oyster mushrooms. Any tips?

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Chef M. February 24, 2011
Similar to the comments above the best thing to hold mushrooms in is a brown paper bag. It holds some moisture in, but allows for some air flow. Plastic bags are the worst, they suffocate the mushrooms and will go bad in 1-2 days.

If you're using more exotic mushrooms the likes of oyster, head of the woods, matsutake, enochi, etc. the suggestion my farmer gave to me is use a plastic bag and use within 3 days. If not, the outsides will begin to dry and some of the mushrooms will lose their delicate taste and texture.

louie734 February 24, 2011
I take them out of any plastic container, then loosely wrap them with paper towel, and nest it back in whatever container I'm using (esp if they're small - I don't have to bother with big portobellos) before I stick them in the crisper. I actually found some mushrooms in the back of the drawer that were over a week old... no slimy spots & they cooked up fine.
Greenstuff February 24, 2011
Or wrapped in waxed paper or parchment. No plastic.
MichelleMags February 24, 2011
I always store mushrooms loosely wrapped in a brown paper bag, then thrown in the veggie bin.
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