I need to sift icing sugar over a pan of cranberry squares I made but my sifter/sieve is nowhere to be found! Help!

  • Posted by: piper.m
  • December 16, 2010


RobertaJ December 17, 2010
Any kind of strainer. I actually don't own a sifter any longer, I have a rather large sieve that I use to sift flour and other dry ingredients for baking. A tea strainer will give you precise control for small applications, a larger one (like you'd use to drain pasta) will cover a larger area, like a cake, more efficiently.
betteirene December 16, 2010
Remember this time of year when you were younger and you covered your windows with snowflakes cut out of construction paper? Do the same thing: Fold a piece of paper in half, then half again. Where the folds meet in the center, fold it in half from corner to corner, and fold it the same way again. Cut out small notches and triangles and circles, and then open the paper up. If you don't like the pattern try again. Lay the paper on top of your cranberry squares, then gently sprinkle the powdered sugar on top with your fingers, the way TV chefs sprinkle salt on a steak. When all the cut-outs are covered in white, very carefully lift the paper off.

Or make a small stencil the size of your squares and sprinkle them individually.

If you have any paper doilies or a big piece of lace, you can use those for a pattern, too.
mrslarkin December 16, 2010
Oh good ideas!

But if all else fails....Window screen? Panty hose? Desperate times.....

piper.m December 16, 2010
Thanks! I think I have a tea strainer around here somewhere... sounds perfect!

Here's the recipe I made: http://lcbo.com/lcbo-ear/RecipeController?language=EN&recipeType=1&action=recipe&recipeID=1009

They're awesome!!
nutcakes December 16, 2010
Yum cranberry squares. Can you share the recipe? on Food52.com or link here?
iuzzini December 16, 2010
yes Rugelach! tea strainer! we actually keep one in our confectioners sugar. :) I bet if you don't have cheese cloth, you could use a piece of any gauzy fabric or muslin (put some sugar in and tie it off and tap it/shake it over your squares)-- we used to do something like this in the printmaking studio for covering our zinc plates with aquatint.
Soozll December 16, 2010
If you have a spider for lifting food out of a deep fryer, line it with some cheese cloth, if you have any. I keep a large fluffy powder puff that I use for flour dusting various things during the baking process, that would work too..
Rugelach December 16, 2010
Tea strainer.
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